Health Insurance Reform - Not Healthcare Reform

We have great healthcare, but too many Americans can't get to it or go bankrupt or die trying.

We need the lower prices, healthier families, and more profitable businesses that Single Payer healthcare will bring.

Welcome to our humble website to bring about a cost-effective, single-payer system of publicly-financed, privately-delivered healthcare that ends private health insurance (and its waste, denials of care, bureaucracy, propaganda ads, lavish executive salaries, and profiteering). We are talking about National health insurance . . . enhanced Medicare for All as described in HR676 and S. 703Single payer is a system in which one institution pays for all, or most, of health care. The payer does not own the doctors or hospitals. Medicare is an example of a single-payer system, as is France’s care system. Both of these systems have private insurers to choose from, but the government is the dominant purchaser. (France provides a base level of insurance to everyone, while some people have complimentary extra insurance provided by the private market.)

Instead of you or your employer paying $5,000 to $10,000 or more per year for health insurance, you or your employer will pay about $3,000/yr in dedicated health care income taxes*. National health care is fully funded and delivered for 50% of the bloated cost of our current system. No more stress and worry over paying for health care, no more pre-condition denials, no more deductibles, no more complicated medical billing systems, no more in network/out of network, no more complicated insurance forms, no more medical debt, no more staying on a job just for the healthcare, no more crazy-complicated insurance forms, no more workers comp, no more insurance clerks getting between you and your doctor. Single Payer national health insurance is simply the best solution for America (HR 676 and S 703).

* Under Rep. John Conyers' single-payer bill, a family of four making the median income of $56,200 would pay about $2,700 in payroll tax for all health care costs - with no deductibles or copays.

In May 2010, Vermont became the first state to pass a single payer law. 

Vermont's New Universal Health Care Law: a Model for Health Reform Based on Human Rights
By Anja Rudiger | June 2, 2010 | The Huffington Post

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